Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let Me Eat Cake!

Let ME Eat Cake!

     Those of you who know me, or are getting to know me, know I adore cake.
  Love it. 
Need it.
Talk about it.
 Crave it. 
Shouldn't have it.

I was skeptical when I came across this 'guilt-free' cake on pinterest, but, I had to give it a whirl. I think after more research this cake was originally a Weight Watchers recipe.  It was the easiest cake I ever made. I actually made cupcakes. (I'm thinking portion control;))  It passed the kids and husband taste test with flying colors, and it passed mine!  I never deprive myself from foods that I really really want, for me that only creates problems, so I slowly enjoyed one cupcake and am now jumping back into the drivers seat of my 'clean eating' band wagon and grilling and prepping some clean protein/veggie rich meals for the next few days. 

What You Need

~1 boxed Strawberry Cake Mix
~12 ounces of DIET Lemon Lime pop
~Lite Cool Whip
~Strawberries & Sprinkles (optional)

Now Make It!

1. Add cake mix to a large mixing bowl.
2. Add in 12 ounces of diet pop.
3. Spoon into your cupcake pan.
4. Follow directions on cake box, for temperature and bake time.

Nutrition Facts: Each cupcake is approximately 100 calories, unfrosted. 120 calories if frosted with the light cool whip.