Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coconut Oil and its AMAZING Benefits!

So. Coconut Oil. It's a fat, so naturally I've shunned it, avoided it and flat out ran from it for years. Really, who wants clogged arteries? NOT ME.  This avoidance changed for me a few months ago, when I stumbled across an article from Tosca Reno. I was intrigued and felt a little bit of that obsessive research weirdo side of me coming to the surface. I KNEW I would research this as much as my busy schedule would allow....you, know, between shuttling kids around, 2 workouts, filling a few jewelry orders, homework, fixing dinner and of course the daily vacuuming ritual. (that's another story, for a later time) Then, I would find a way to stop and get some of this miracle oil.....THAT day, no exceptions...period. I wanted it in my hands. Touch it, feel it, smell it and taste it.  I wouldn't stop thinking about it until I had it!

 So, I will share some of my research findings with you.....now, excuse me, but I'm not a doctor, I only play one at home, or a nutritionist, I'm that too at home, so don't expect big ole' clinical studies and big medical terms etc. I'm going to give this information to you my way and in my language, which is pretty darn basic y'all! It's up to you, if it strikes a chord, to research the entire nutrition/medical studies to see if you would benefit from this. (It's worth the research by the way.) 

The tropics best kept secret: The coconut has been a primary staple for thousands of years for those who live in native tropical cultures. OK, so a little clinical study, sorry. Back in the 30's Dr. Weston Price found South Pacific Islanders whose diets were soaring with coconut to be fit, healthy and trim. OH~and heart disease was almost NON EXISTENT within this group!  OK, then a similar study was completed in '81, in Polynesian communities~coconut was also the primary caloric energy source~and it was found that they too had excellent cardiovascular health and were extremely fit.

The easiest way to give this to you is like this:

Here are the amazing benefits of coconut oil......

*Our bodies convert lauric acid (the miracle compound in the oil) into monolaurin (oops sorry a little clinical), which has unbelievable anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties. 

*Hair health: applied topically (go ahead, massage it in)  to hair once/twice a week will give that dry ole' hair some healthy shine and promote growth. Oh geez, I shouldn't forget this...it will also condition your dry scalp and prevent dandruff AND get this, prevent lice and lice eggs, (OK...mother of two boys...who, embarrassed to admit this,  are used to me barging into bathroom once a week to administer a quick head massage with coconut oil...there will be no lice brought into this house;)). Bottom line....have a jar of this in the bathroom for bodily use!

*Hemorrhoids: put it on, it works, enough said.

*Skin Care: excellent for dry skin and aging skin. I should actually be bathing in this stuff! OK, so its said to be safe for sensitive skin and skin with eczema, dermatitis and other skin infections. AND an excellent massage oil....I'm totally handing this jar to my husband;).

*Prevents heart disease. Its the lauric acid...research it. One of those weird but true things.

*Promotes weight loss. Another weird but true situation.

*Improves the digestive system, preventing/aiding irritable bowl syndrome. 

*Immunity: because of the anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal benefits, it strengthens the immune system. The claims: aids in dealing with viruses and bacteria causing diseases like, herpes and the flu.

*Heals infections: kills viruses that cause flu, measles, hepatitis, herpes etc. Also effective on yeast infections, ringworm, athletes foot, thrush and diaper rash. 

*Diabetes: helps control blood sugar.

*Dental Care: stops tooth decay.

Here's some basic ways that I use it:

*I use a bit of this in place of non-stick spray.
*Dab on my lips and use as moisturizer (lightly on face) before bed. A little goes a long way!
*Swirl into my green tea or coffee. 
*I try and grab this in place of butter, for baking and cooking.

OK, so there you have it... there are more cures etc. but this should get you at least itching to google it! A natural product really worth researching and trying for you and your family. I've been sneaking it in everyone around here for months. My cute Lil husbands blood sugar was even down from his last major Dr. visit...ha ha, go figure. I got your back baby;). 

God Bless you my friends...and go get some coconut oil, even if just for the massage~hehehe!


  1. So tell us Julie....what brand do you use? Is it the one in the picture? I've also seen a lot of bottled coconut waters at HEB.......I'm still trying to get over the calories and fat myself, but I do trust you my little fit friend!

    1. I recently tried the coconut water, and personally I would rather not use up any of my allocated calories on this. I prefer fresh water, infused with fruit or cucumber. I find that it is more satisfying and refreshing for me during and after my workouts. There are great benefits of coconut water~think gatorade. Here is a link in regards to the water. So read up and let me know if you try it and what you think. I'm curious to hear your opinion!