Monday, June 24, 2013

Taking Your Libido Sky High

Libido Boosts

Ok, blushing a little. After reading an article on I felt it very important and necessary to pass on this interesting information.  

What do Oatmeal, honey, and citrus fruits have in common?

You guessed it!.....Studies show that they can improve your sex drive and boost fertility. 

Oats produce and release a chemical that sends testosterone right into the ole blood stream, this increases orgasm (oh dear) as well as sex drive. 

Honey contains vitamin B  which helps the body to produce estrogen which is an oh so important key for arousal and blood flow.

Citrus Fruits contain vitamin C which increases a man's sperm count. (hmm, ok, not such an important one for us 40 plussers! hehehee)

So there you have it in a nutshell. 

I'm off to go eat some oatmeal smothered in honey.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

BLT Lettuce Wraps~yes please!

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And That's a Wrap!

It's  that time again......carb cutting! I love BLT's, but don't want the yummy super delicious toasted  perfectly totally white bread...HAHAHA.....I totally WANT it,  but  refrain...for the  sake of my belly and thighs:)....summer is approaching quick and that husband, kids, friends and I will be poolside....time to get serious about carb cutting. So below is a recipe you must try. I discovered this delish dish on  I made it today for lunch and am so IN LOVE with it!  I'm even making this tonight for my 3 lil  men....who will totally  look at me weird and ask  for the interesting evening is about to unfold. 

You must GATHER:

3 iceberg or butter lettuce leaves
3 slices turkey bacon (or center cut bacon) cooked and chopped
1 tbls. lite  mayo (i used Helmans Light)
1small tomato diced
1/4 sliced avocado
pepper to taste

Now DO IT:

Take 2 of  the lettuce leaves and put aside.
Chop the 3rd lettuce leaf up and divide equally and place inside each of the 'whole lettuce leaves'.
In a small bowl combine the tomatoes, mayo and pepper.
Divide tomato  mixture evenly between your wraps, sprinkle chopped bacon on top and add avocado.
Wrap and eat!

Learn to Love Ginger!

What Ginger Can Do For YOU!

I've had somewhat of a love affair with Ginger Root for sometime now......I mean really, everyone needs a little bit of spice, right?;) This is an herb that has been around forever and has been used in a plethora of capacities. The more I learn about it, well, the more I love it. So I'll try and break this down for you pretty easy and quick....without my usual banter! 


*Anti cancer
*Motion sickness and nausea remedy 
*Prevents gas and bloating
*Reduce pain and inflammation
*Cold and Flu prevention and treatment
*Migraine relief
*Prevention of diabetic nephropathy
*Anti inflammatory
*Boosts immune system
*Heart health

Ok, I have to banter......Ginger root comes in a few different forms, my preference is the raw root. The easiest way for me to get ginger into my diet and my families diet is to cook with it,  AND my absolute favorite way......well peel and cut it up and put it in my water. I have a detox water that I do daily and ginger is one of the beautiful components.  I usually have some ginger proudly sitting at the bottom of my shaker cup during my workout. After I down the water I usually chew on a bit of the water logged ginger. If you can handle the spice...try it!

Here is the link to the water detox that I mentioned. I drink one gallon of this everyday.