Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Gym Rats

I took offense awhile ago when my husband referred to me, ME, as a 'gym rat' to one of his peers. EXCUSE ME! I really didn't think that I fit the bill here....gym rat? I mean, really, the gym is part of my daily grind, but does that make me a 'rat'? So, the next day, with this 'gym rat' label hovering over me like a black cloud, I went and worked out....yes, at the gym. In my usual fashion, with earphones stuffed in my hearing holes, my music pumped up way past the safe level, curling 15lb dumbbells I admired the veins popping out in my arms.....whoa....all to the tune of "Back in Black".  In my zone. Usually I'm in a weird zone at the gym.....seriously following my written out lifting and cardio plan and jamming to my tunes.  Sometimes I forget that I'm sharing the gym with other gym goers. It's just me in my zone.  I usually don't make a habit of actually speaking to anyone.....I'm there to do my thing....and that doesn't include socializing......

UNLESS, on the occasion that my fellow fitness fanatic friends are in the building, then, I may them.  This group and I have ran laps, lifted, pulled, pushed, shared sweat, tears and laughed our asses off all while fulfilling our morning fitness passion or obsession. I even trained with one of these friends for fitness competitions. Through the pain and laughter we've endured together something has happened for me personally. I've come to realize that these gals are my friends. Real friends. Friends who have shown up to support me when I needed it, friends who have laughed with me and at me~like only friends can~ and friends who care. Each of us has different goals in our fitness aspirations and we all respect, support and encourage each other to attain those goals. We watch each other lose fat and build muscle. We ARE the Moms With Muscles......and YES, we are gym rats.....and I'm actually proud to say it. My crazy ass brain is usually making up a music video to whatever situation I am in....let me set the scene for you.

***Ke$ha~We R Who We R playing
Mom's With Muscles walking (imagine slow motion walking...with attitude) through gym....etc. etc.***

You get the picture.

I plan on blogging about the funny things in life, fitness and nutrition, fashion and will also share tips and hints that I have learned through my life and fitness experiences. I apologize in advance for a few cuss words here and there, I am human and sometimes bad words just slip out;)...sorry.

Here's wishing you and yours a healthy and lovely weekend!

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