Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Can Go Hard or You Can Go Home!

The HIIT method is my favorite type of cardio. It is the most effective form of cardio. Especially when you are looking to burn fat without burning through your hard earned muscle mass.  Below is my 'go-to' HIIT workout to be used on the Cybex Arc machine. (easy on the old knees;)) The Cybex has no impact, allows for a huge range of motion, and resistance rocks up to 100.  I'm usually dripping sweat by the time my cardio session is over! Ok, get out there and try it and let me know if you feel the burn!

There are numerous settings on the Cybex. MANUAL is my option when blasting this workout.

The big set up:
1~stand straight with feet flat on pedals, toes should touch the front edge.
2~choose manual setting and start slowly moving, pushing through your heels.
3~slowly raise the incline until you feel it stimulating the glutes and hammies. (this is level 10 for me)
4~keep hips squared and facing front, feet flat, and PUSH THROUGH YOUR HEELS. (no bouncing. If you are looking cute and pretty, your doing it wrong.)

Cybex Arc HIITS
Workout                  Time                        Level
Warmup                   5 min                       25
Steady Intensity       5 min                       30-35 (work at 70-75% MHR)
SPRINT                  30 sec                      50-60 (push hard and fast!)
Steady Intensity       10 min                     30-35
SPRINT                  30 sec                      50-60
Steady Intensity      10 min                     30-35
SPRINT                 30 sec                       50-60
Steady Intensity      5 min                       30-35
Cooldown              3 min                        25

Some Notes:
At times I adjust the resistance level to really engage my glutes. So you'll have to play with the resistance if you feel like it's too much or to little. Now, if you don't use a heart rate monitor, I would seriously consider getting one.  It's important to keep your heart rate at a working rate of 70-75% while in Steady Intensity  and 'through the roof' during your Sprints! I do not hold on to the handles on the Cybex, I love to make my entire core go to work too, another personal option for you to consider.  ALWAYS have your jams on and totally rock's what gets ME through these HIIT workouts. Lately 'Go Hard' with Mick Jagger is blaring in the hearing holes....find it and listen to rocks, and it makes me go hard, baby!  Happy HIITs y'all!

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