Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The "Stuck At Home" Workout

I don't know about you, but when I happen to miss my morning visit to the gym I feel, well downright guilty. Silly, but true. As soon as I find some spare time, I squeeze in one or both of these workouts. There really isn't much too them, but you'll be panting and dripping sweat. I love to work my lower body, so this workout is great for that. Now enough chit chat, lets get to this.

15 Minute Full Body Circuit

exercise                            reps
                                                          Push-ups                        10
                                                          Squats                            10
                                                          Sit-ups                            10
                                                           ~rest 1 min.~
                                                   ~Repeat circuit a total of 10 times~

20 Minute Lower Body Workout

                                                        exercise                                     reps

                                                       Jump Squats                               50
                                                       Alternating Curtsy Squats         50
                                                       Alternating Lunges                     50
                                                       Squats                                          50
                                                       Wall Sit                hold for 90 seconds
                                                         ~rest 2-4 mins.~
                                                    ~Repeat circuit a total of 2 times~

So turn up the music and try one or both of these workouts the next time you miss the gym! Adjust reps to fit your personal level of fitness.  

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