Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get Walking!

Ramped up Walk Workout!

Walking contributes to overall health by helping to lower 'bad' cholesterol, increase 'good' cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve mood not to mention BURN some serious calories! Here are some simple tips to add to your next walk.

~Swing your arms! 
Bend your elbows, pick up the pace a bit and add some momentum. Keep your shoulders relaxed;).

~Add weights.
Add light dumbbells or ankle weights, this creates a little resistance thus burning more calories.

~Walk sideways.
This works different muscles in your legs and hips. Be sure to balance your training by facing the other side to work your opposite leg. Try this walking up a hill!

~Squeeze the booty.
This will tighten up your tush. Squeeze glutes together as you push off with your rear foot. Really focus on the glute muscle and feel the burn.

~Take big ole strides.
Lengthen your stride. By doing this, you recruit your inner and outer thigh muscles.....taking you one step closer to leaner legs;).

~Add intervals!
This is my favorite, and something I do at least 3 times per week. Add short bursts of running within your walking workout. An example: walk 3 minutes, sprint 1 min. (repeat 8-10 times or more!)

~Choose uneven terrain.
Find a forest, sand or gravel. This requires more muscle power and ultimately burns more calories.

~Walking Lunges.
Perform 2 minutes of walking lunges followed by 2 minutes brisk walking. (repeat 8-10 times or more!)

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